How to Earn

Earn as many points as you can during the July 1-December 31, 2018 qualification period to make sure you experience a VACATION of a lifetime with us in MAUI!

You can earn points from personal sales, personal sponsoring, and Shows. Promote to a new level and earn more points. Help your new Consultants achieve strong sales and you’ll earn points on their sales too!



How do you earn points?

Personal Sales 
Earn 1 point for each dollar in personal sales up to 20,000.

Sales from new Consultants you personally sponsored
Earn 1 point for each dollar of sales from each new Consultant you personally sponsored from July 1 through December 31, 2018, up to 7,500 each.

Personal Shows Points
Earn 100 points for each qualified Show you hold during the qualification period.

Personal Promotion Points
Earn 2,000 points for each new level achieved from Aug. 1, 2018 through Jan. 1, 2019. Example: A Consultant (as of 7-1-2018) who promotes to Senior Consultant then to Supervisor by 1-1-2019 would earn 4,000 points.

Attend Convention
Early bird convention registration earns you 1,000 points, and all new Consultants attending National Convention 2018 will be awarded an additional 500 bonus points.

Sponsor in September

Sponsor two new Consultants who both have $500 or more in sales during their first 45 days and we'll reward you with 1,000 bonus points.

Bonus - Earn Excursion Dollars
For each new Consultant you personally sponsor who
reaches $5,000 or more in personal sales during their
qualification period, you will earn $100 to be used for
added tours or excursions during the trip.

Track your points

Watch your points add up in your Business Center performance tracker or keep track on the official "Aloe-ha Maui" PDF point tracker

How many points will you need?

For established Consultants, 30,000 points will get you there. For new Consultants who started January 1, 2018 or later – you only need 20,000 points to have your trip completely paid for by L’BRI.

 Trip qualifications for Consultants
(enrollment date prior to January 1, 2018)

LevelPoints NeededTrips Earned 
438,0002 Trips, Land & Air 
334,0001 Trip, Land & Air + 1 Trip Land Only 
230,0001 Trip, Land & Air 
124,0001 Trip, Land Only 

Trip qualifications for NEW Consultants
(enrollment date January 1, 2018, or later)

LevelPoints NeededTrips Earned 
430,0002 Trips, Land & Air 
325,0001 Trip, Land & Air + 1 Trip Land Only 
220,0001 Trip, Land & Air 
115,0001 Trip, Land Only